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To save money you can purchase generic drugs, why not generic vacuum filters?




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Black & Decker Handvac Filter Cone
Dirt Devil F1 HEPA Filter 3-JC0280-000
Dirt Devil F2 HEPA Filter 3-SFA115-00x
Dirt Devil F3 HEPA Filter 3-250435-001
Dirt Devil F4 HEPA Filter 3-ME1950-001
Dirt Devil Scorpion F5 Filter 3-DEA950-001
Dirt Devil F7 HEPA Filter 3-ME2190-001
Dirt Devil F8 HEPA Filter 3-UD0280-001
Dirt Devil F9 HEPA Filter 3-DJ0360-000
Dirt Devil F12 HEPA Filter 3-KD1680-000
Dirt Devil F13 HEPA Filter 3-LK0540-001
Dirt Devil F15 HEPA Filter 3-SS0150-001
Dirt Devil F16 HEPA Filter 2-JW1000-000
Dirt Devil F19 HEPA Filter 3201082000
Dirt Devil F24 HEPA Filter 3-LT0360-001
Dirt Devil Breeze HEPA Filter
Dirt Devil Flex HEPA Filter
Dirt Devil Featherlite HEPA Filter
Dirt Devil Jaguar HEPA Filter
Dirt Devil Kinetix HEPA Filter
Dirt Devil Perma Filter 2-690309-000
Dirt Devil Platinum Force HEPA Filter 3690320001
Dirt Devil Platinum Force HEPA Filter 2860057600
Dirt Devil Power Stick Filter 3SF0400001
Dirt Devil Vision Lite HEPA Filter
Dirt Devil Vision Perma Filter 2-690299-700
Dirt Devil Vision Sensor HEPA Filter
Dirt Devil Vision Wide Glide HEPA Filter
Dirt Devil Scorpion HEPA Filter
Dirt Devil Swivel Glide Vision HEPA Filter
Dyson Post-Motor Filter DC-04
Dyson Post-Motor Filter DC-05
Dyson Post-Motor Filter DC-07
Dyson Pre-Motor Filter DC-07
Dyson Pre-Motor Filter DC-14
Eureka DCF-1 HEPA Filter 61700
Eureka DCF-2 HEPA Filter 61805
Eureka DCF-3 HEPA Filter 62136
Eureka DCF-4 HEPA Filter 61770
Eureka DCF-5 HEPA Filter 62130
Eureka DCF-6 HEPA Filter 62137
Eureka DCF-8 HEPA Filter 62733
Eureka DCF-9 HEPA Filter 62130
Eureka DCF-10 HEPA Filter 62396
Eureka DCF-12 HEPA Filter 62729
Eureka DCF-14 HEPA Filter 62731A
Eureka DCF-15 HEPA Filter 62733
Eureka DCF-16 HEPA Filter 62736
Eureka DCF-17 HEPA Filter 63170
Eureka DCF-18 HEPA Filter 63073
Eureka GE-1 Upright HEPA Filter 62134
Eureka HF1 PREMIUM Hepa Filter
Eureka HF2 HEPA Filter 61111
Eureka HF-3 HEPA Filter 61500
Eureka HF-4 HEPA Filter 61505
Eureka HF-5 HEPA Filter 61830
Eureka HF-6 HEPA Filter 61835
Eureka HF-7 HEPA Filter 61850
Eureka HF-8 HEPA Filter 60666
Eureka HF-9 HEPA Filter 60285
Eureka HF-10 HEPA Filter 63347
Eureka HF-11 HEPA Filter 64271
Eureka Home Cleaning System Exhaust Filter 39483
Eureka MM HEPA Filter 60666
Eureka Ultra Smart vac upright Pre-Motor Filter 71643
Eureka 426A Stick Vac Dust Cup Filter #62351-3
Eureka 410 Upright Dust Cup Filter #61930
Eureka 4800 Upright Dust Cup Filter 71548
Eureka STK Filter 61544A

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Electrolux Guardian HEPA Filter 47404,

Electrolux Style H12 HEPA filter EL012
Electrolux H13 Washable HEPA Filter EL013W
Fantom Fury HEPA Filter
Fantom Thunder HEPA Filter
Fantom Twister HEPA Filter
Hoover bagless Canister Primary filter 59134033
Hoover Dual V bagged HEPA Filter 43613024
Hoover Bagless Upright HEPA Filter 40140201
Hoover Elite Rewind uprights Filter 59157055
Hoover FloorMate Filter 40110001
Hoover FoldAway HEPA Filter 40130050
Hoover Powermax bagless Filter 43613026
Hoover Rewind HEPA Filter 59157014
Hoover WindTunnel HEPA Final Filter 40120101
Hoover Savvy bagged HEPA Filter 40120102
Hoover Spirit bagless upright Filter 43613026
Hoover Turbo Power bagless Filter 43613026
Hoover Widepath bagless Filter 43613026
Hoover WindTunnel Canisters Exhaust Filter 59134050
Hoover WindTunnel V2 HEPA Filter 43613024
Hoover Windtunnel 3 layer Filter 40110006
Hoover Type 50 HEPA Filter 43615090
Rainbow vacuum E2 HEPA Filter
Rainbow DC4 vacuum Power Cord
Sears Craftsman Wet-Dry Vacuum Filter
Kenmore DCF-1 Bagless Tower Vacuum Filter
Kenmore Vacuum CF-1 Filter 86883
Kenmore Vacuum CF-2 Filter 86884
Kenmore Vacuum CF-3 Filter 86888
Panasonic Commercial Bagless Upright HEPA Filter
Panasonic HEPA Filters MC-V193H
Panasonic canister HEPA filter MC-V194H
Panasonic Bagless Vacuum Cup Filter MC-V196H.
Panasonic Upright HEPA Filter MC-V199H.
Panasonic HEPA Secondary Filter MC-V5237.
Windsor Sensor Exhaust Filter 5301ER
Windsor Sensor Exhaust Filter 2846 - Vacuum cleaner sales including vacuum cleaner bags and parts.

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We stock only the highest quality generic vacuum bags to fit most brands. These bags in most cases are as good or better than the original vacuum bags. Please be sure to Bookmark this site as our selections and pricing change frequently.

Now you can order your Generic vacuum cleaner bags, filters and parts from the comforts of your home. To keep your home clean and healthy be sure to change the vacuum cleaner bags in your  vacuum cleaner more often when you are vacuuming fine particles of dirt and dust. You should also have your  vacuum cleaner tuned up by a qualified  vacuum cleaner dealer as recommended by the manufacturer. In most cases you may be able to do miner maintenance to your  vacuum cleaner yourself. Things like changing the vacuum cleaner belt and brush roller can often times be done at home by the owner. Here are a few tips on keeping your home clean and healthy. Smoking in your home should be kept to a minimum or discontinued. Maintain adequate ventilation especially when your cleaning with your vacuum cleaner. Wash your pets often. Use a vacuum cleaner that has met the carpet & rug institutes green label standard. According to the a CRI study using an efficient vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors removes more dust than dust mopping. We hope your vacuum cleaner is running fine for you but if its time for you to look at a new vacuum cleaner please click here.  

How can I insure top performance of my vacuum cleaner?

  Keep these tips in mind next time you use your vacuum cleaner:

  • Change the vacuum bag often.

        A full vacuum bag can cut down on performance by blocking airflow through the bag. A fresh vacuum bag can trap more dust and fine particles with its unclogged pours. If you are vacuuming lots of fine dust be sure to change the vacuum bag more often than usual. This fine dust can clog the pours of the bag quickly and could cause the bag to fail. A lot of vacuum cleaners today have after filters. Be sure to change the filters as recommended by the manufacturer. Remember a clogged after filter can be just as performance degrading as a full vacuum bag. The airflow through both the vacuum bag and air filter must be clean and unobstructed.

  • Use caution when vacuuming during in climate weather.

        Most vacuum cleaners today unless classified as wet/dry vacs are made to suck in dry air only. During in climate weather normal foot traffic can track lots of moisture indoors and onto your carpets. In the north snow can be one of the biggest killers of household vacuum cleaners. The moisture gets sucked into your vacuum cleaner and corrodes the motor and other internal parts.

  • Place a sticker on your vacuum cleaner with important part numbers on it.

        Nothing can be more frustrating than throwing away your last vacuum bag only to find out that you have no idea what type of bags your vacuum cleaner uses. By placing important information like reorder part numbers someplace on your vacuum cleaner you can quickly find the exact parts you need fast. We recommend having your vacuum bag reorder number (part number) the belt number, brush roller number and filter numbers available for quick reference.

  • When shopping for vacuum bags and filters Be sure to compare APPLES to APPLES...

Look for "OEM" (original equipment manufacturer) or "Original" when shopping for the items that came with your new machine. The words "Replacement" or After Market" generally mean products made by a third party manufacturer. In most cases the original parts will cost more than the replacement brands. Also be sure to look closely at the quantity being offered. If the products listed on our site say "Genuine" or "OEM" (original equipment manufacturer) they are the same as you would purchase from the vacuum cleaner manufacturer. Products described as "Replacement" or "Generic" are made by third-party manufacturers to fit those makes and models. Other important points include the difference between "HEPA filtration" (High Efficiency Particulate Air) and regular or traditional filtration. Vacuum cleaner bags with HEPA filtration tend to be more expensive and provide better filtration then regular filtration bags. People suffering from allergies may be better served using HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners and bags.

  If you are not sure what vacuum cleaner bags you will need please check the vacuum bag currently in your machine. Look for a reorder number or bag type to be printed on the outside of the vacuum cleaner bags. Remember, if you purchase vacuum cleaner bags in larger quantities you can save on the shipping cost. It may be wise to check with your friends or neighbors to see if they also need vacuum cleaner bags. If your order total before shipping is $50.00 or more we will pay the shipping charges inside the USA. we look forward to serving you and hope you will return often. Please be sure to tell everyone you know about the great service and savings you got while shopping for your vacuum cleaner bags at   Thank You!

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